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Photonics for Quantum Resource Distribution

Our Solutions

We provide easily-deployable and low-footprint sources for the generation of entangled photons over an optical frequency comb spanning the S, C, and L telecommunications bands for applications in quantum cryptography, quantum metrology and quantum information processing.

We provide a practical and accessible scheme for the unambiguous retrieval of phase in the fiber interferometer platform without the need to dither or sweep the stabilizing laser frequency, demonstrating long-term stability, access to all phase

values, as well as new interference control variables.

We develop in collaboration with Quantum Bridge Technologies a simulation engine and theoretical framework that will allow us to make informed decisions regarding the choice and development of sources and circuits, guiding the realization of quantum state sources (press release here). 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

UNIVERSALITY: Compatible with many protocols and application cases

SCALABILITY: Compatible with current infrastructure

TRANSPARENCY: Co-existence of classical and quantum channels

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