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Our Mission

With quantum networking emerging as a new frontier for information processing, Ki3 Photonics seeks to provide state-of-the-art technology in the distribution and processing of quantum resources to enhance cyber resilience and quantum communication capabilities. 

Our Story

Ki3 Photonics is a Canadian spin-off emerging from Prof. Morandotti's team at the Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (Montreal). The team is world renowned for its contribution in quantum optics and frequency comb photon sources.

The team performed the first realization of on-chip multi-photon states [see Science paper], on-chip high-dimensional frequency-entangled photon pairs [see Nature paper] and high-dimensional cluster states [see Nature Physics paper].

The members of the Ki3 Photonics have graduated from the highly-selective and international incubator Creative Destruction Lab in the quantum stream, and it was awarded with the third prize at the SPIE startup challenge in the deep tech category.


Over the past years, the Ki3 Photonics team has developed strong expertise in developing unique and compact quantum devices towards the realization of large-sized entangled quantum systems. The team has proposed quantum resources and solutions enabling the generation, manipulation, and multiplexing of photon states in quantum networks so as to extend those technologies for the quantum information processing market.

Experienced Leadership

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